Techniques to Preserve Your Natural Teeth

Biomimetic Dentistry

The result, a restoration or filling that mimics the natural tooth in appearance, function, and strength by keeping more of your natural tooth.  Optimal results are achieved through the use of biocompatible materials and advanced techniques that closely replicate the structure and function of your natural teeth.

Biomimetic Dentistry is a more cost effective and less invasive way to establish function, prevent unnecessary treatment including root canals and extractions, and preserve as much of the natural tooth structure as possible while eliminating sensitivity

Biomimetic dentistry follows minimally invasive principles of both art and science in order to restore and preserve your natural tooth structure. 


The process of biomimetic dentistry follows a series of steps that include:

what you need to know

Conservative preparation: Only the damaged, decayed, or chipped tooth structure is removed and all healthy tooth structure is left intact.

Layering of Materials: Restorative materials are layered, with the intention of increasing bond strengths for the best long term results.

Adhesive Bonding: Advanced bonding techniques are applied to strengthen the remaining tooth structure and prevent further breakdown or recurrent decay.

Occlusal Analysis:  The biting surface is evaluated and adjusted to ensure proper bite alignment with the opposing teeth to reduce the risk of further damage or wear.

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