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Ceramic Implantology

When you lose a tooth, a dental implant is most likely the best possible option to replace it from a functional, aesthetic, and longevity standpoint.  As with all that we do, we want to ensure that we are using the safest and most biocompatible materials possible, while also maintaining the aesthetics of a beautiful smile.  

Ceramic implants fulfill these expectations.  As opposed to conventional titanium-based alloy implants, ceramic implants are bioinert, they will not rust or corrode, they carry no galvanic potential, and give rise to the best aesthetics due to their white color.  

Although titanium implants have been used for many years, we understand and acknowledge the impact materials and metals can have on the body.

A Health Revolution


The benefits of using ceramic implants have been widely researched and include:

what you need to know

Ceramic is hypoallergenic and can be used without incidence of inflammation or reactivity.

Ceramic is corrosion resistant unlike its metal counterparts.

Ceramic is strong and does not flex under the pressures of the mouth and jaw.

Ceramic integrates with the surrounding tissue and bone better than titanium.

Plaque and biofilm do not adhere to the surface as much as metal or even natural teeth.

Ceramic implants do not exhibit electrical currents in the mouth, unlike metals.

Your overall health is too vital to be ignored. Request a consultation now to experience intentional, integrative, health-centered dentistry with Dr. Kriegel.

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