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Ozone is a supercharged version of oxygen which has potent natural antimicrobial properties.  Oxygen in its naturally occurring state is O2. Ozone, on the other hand, is an O3 molecule. When applied via the use of gas, water, or oil, the 03 molecule is unstable, releasing an extra atom that destroys the cell walls of microbes while not harming human cells. The power of ozone can be used in nearly every aspect of dentistry to improve overall outcomes.

It can be used in the form of ozone gas, ozonated water, and ozonated oil to achieve various outcomes with dental procedures.

Ozone is a natural, non-invasive therapy that can be applied to prevent, remove, and aid in mitigating dental disease.


The benefits of ozone in dentistry are far reaching and include:

what you need to know

Upregulates blood flow and increases red blood cell function in targeted tissues

Minimally invasive, safe, and naturally used by your innate immune system

Used in the treatment of dental decay

Improves longevity and decrease sensitivity of dental restorations

Aids in remineralization of tooth enamel

Elimination of tooth

powerful disinfectant of periodontal disease and dental infection

Applications for the treatment of mouth ulcers and cold sores

An effective treatment for TMJ dysfunction

We love ozone for the immense impact it has on our patients. Are you ready to see how ozone could impact your oral health and that of your body?  Dr. Kriegel will discuss all options with you and assure you are a good candidate for this incredible healing modality.

In pursuit of offering each patient the safest, most effective, and natural options for care, ozone is a no brainer.

Your overall health is too vital to be ignored. Request a consultation now to experience intentional, integrative, health-centered dentistry with Dr. Kriegel.

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