Natural health influencers have been silenced.

The first line of my original email (which I wrote months ago) was: “It’s only a matter of time before natural health influencers are also silenced”.

“It’s only a matter of time before natural health influencers are also silenced”.

Natural health influencers have been silenced.

Would you consider me a natural health influencer? Would you consider yourself one? Some of you reading this email are and although I don’t know if I’m an influencer (I’d like to be!), I’m definitely an advocate. I’m an advocate for natural health, whole body health, and systemic health as well as informed medical consent at all times. I’m afraid it will only be a matter of time before I won’t be able to connect with my patients via big tech outlets like Facebook, Google, and Instagram because of the “holistic” nature of our practice and my personal mindset towards health.

In the past we have spent a lot of energy and money using big tech, like Google, to reach new patients and connect with current patients. We use keywords like biological, holistic, ceramic, and nonmetal to direct traffic to our website, which is where we like to think our patients learn more about us, what we do, and why we are different. And at this time in history, investing in those keywords feels more like we’re doing a deal with the devil. Our belief system, the way we practice, and the censorship that is coming from words like holistic is enough to stop giving big tech the satisfaction of aiding us in finding patients while at the same time restricting the content we are able to read.

At this point any dentist can add holistic or biological to their search terms and mislead patients into thinking that’s the way they practice (try it!). I’m not here to bash on those dentists (or the people they hire for SEO), it’s a smart move actually… direct anyone and everyone looking for dental care to your website by using a comprehensive list of dental terminology, it doesn’t matter if you’re falsely advertising as long as you can convince them you’re the perfect dentist for them!

The problem is…it’s not honest. It’s not ethical. It’s not founded in truth.

I really want those of you looking for biological dentistry and alternatives to mainstream medicine to be able to find practitioners with ease. “Holistic”, “biological”, “alternative”, or “functional” routes for medicine should not be hidden, should not be censored. This style of dentistry doesn’t come easy. You don’t leave dental school as a biological dentist (in reality most schools do not teach any of it), it takes a lot of time and travel, mental energy, physical investments, and a greater understanding of the human system.

But natural health influencers are not investing in themselves without first investing in you, the patient. In the coming months I’ll be connecting with several holistic, biological, natural (whatever you want to call it) practitioners with all different kinds of specialties and focuses so that we can come together to create a better ecosystem for you and also for each other. If you know of anyone who fits this description, please send us their contact information.

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