Things that are risky: driving to work, going to the beach, riding a bike, getting a puppy, having a kid, riding an elephant, investing in the stock market, opening a business, working with someone you love.

When you really think about it, nearly every decision we make can have a varying degree of risk. Let me tell you about two of the riskiest decisions I’ve made in my life, one from my childhood and one that many of you already know about and have actually experienced…

As the story goes, I was a typical 5 year old boy with no fear and no sense of consequence. I grew up in a log home in the middle of nowhere. I created my own fun with two ingredients: adventure and excitement. My obsession with the Ninja Turtles had me fighting imaginary enemies and yelling “COWABUNGA” at the top of my lungs all summer long (my poor mother). One day, I was in the middle of a heated battle when I realized I was surrounded, I had no choice but to retreat. The only way out … a wooden railing … so I did what anyone in great danger would do. I slid down. A pair of tweezers and 32 splinters later I realized just how risky that decision had been. Actually…it was riskier than you might have originally thought. Because what I didn’t mention before is that I was totally naked! (again, my poor mother)

The second risk involves me wearing clothes, thank God. Opening a dental practice, from scratch, was something that several of my closest confidants told me wasn’t possible. The people I trusted the most told me, “Don’t do it.” When I reflect on that decision I realize opening a practice wasn’t actually as risky as opening it with my new business partner,my wife, Allison.

BUT big risks can reap big rewards. We live together, we parent together, we do business together, we do life together. And while that may seem like a lot (being with your spouse close to 24 hours a day) I promise you we wouldn’t want it any other way. Our daily decision making, the challenges we face, and the risks we embark on embody who we are as a team. We know nothing is certain, and we embrace it. We’ve also learned the hard way that to do this together we have to stay focused.

Here are three ways we do this:

  1. We remember the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on, whatever we give our energy to. Honestly, it’s really difficult, but we try to only speak about the things that we want and give attention to the things we desire most. 
  2. We intentionally direct our emotions towards the things that deserve it. God, our relationship, our kids, our patients, our business- in that order. These things are allowed to have all the feelings, all the joys, all the hopes, all the celebrations. Problems are spoken about matter of factly. Problems are only given the energy and thought process to find positive solutions. Period.
  3. We set each other up to win. It’s important that we lean into each other for support and understanding, we have to be vulnerable with each other. We know that when we vibe, when we work well together, life is better. And…the better it gets, the better it gets. 

This is a philosophy of positive thinking. This is an exercise in trust. This is a surrender. 

There is rarely a situation that presents 0% risk. So let me ask you: That risky situation you are avoiding… what would happen if you didn’t avoid it any longer? 

PS- Some of you visited our office when baby Casper was answering phones and taking appointments. Now that he is almost a year old we don’t allow him around anymore! This is my excuse to share some recent pictures of Vivienne and Casper with you! Thank you for being part of our support system, we appreciate you and everything you do!  

In service to you and your health,

Dr. Kriegel

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