Traditional restorative techniques, like dental crowns, are invasive and require the removal of 70% or more of your healthy tooth structure. The word “biomimetic” literally means “to mimic life”, so biomimetic dentistry uses the natural properties of the teeth to create more conservative and life-like restorations.

Using minimally-invasive techniques, we can treat weak, fractured, and decayed teeth in a way that strengthens and fortifies them without compromising healthy tooth structure. With tooth conservation and dental preservation at its heart, biomimetic dentistry favors inlays and onlays over crowns, and has greatly reduced the need for root canal treatments.

Using the natural tooth as a guide, biomimetic dentistry uses the latest in dental materials to mimic natural teeth and preserve them as long as possible—just like nature intended!

  • Seal out bacterial invasion and prevent further damage.
  • Stop the cycle of dental problems and invasive treatments.
  • Keep more of what’s yours—your natural teeth.

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