What we’ve learned in the first month of owning a dental clinic:

Impromptu grand openings are the best kind. On April 29 Think Iowa City hosted the inaugural CRANDIC marathon/half marathon. As soon as we heard about this and saw that the half marathon was starting near the office, we felt we wanted to be a part of it all and became a sponsor. What we didn’t know is that it would be a chilly morning, and runners like to stay warm before a big race… and just like that our brand new lobby was packed with runners.

Insurance companies are not that bad. At least they are nice on the phone…

Having good employees is essential. It seems obvious, but hard workers can be hard to find. Luckily, we found Jessica and in just three short weeks she’s proven to be a hard worker with a fabulous attitude. She’s willing to learn, offers suggestions, and takes initiative. Amen for Jessica! As our practice continues to grow, we will continue to add employees that have the same vision as we do.

Quickbooks is a beast…like the scary kind you find under your bed. I have a newfound respect for anyone who uses (and understands) Quickbooks. If you are one of those people and wants to come give me a “Quickbooks For Dummies” lesson, I am available on Wednesdays.

Thank you notes are much appreciated and worth it. After each new patient leaves, Dr. Kriegel and I write a personalized thank you notes. It is important for our patients to know that we really appreciate their business and look forward to seeing them in the future. Luckily, my mother was always a bit of a thank you note freak- so this ritual comes easy to me and I actually enjoy it! It is a way for us to connect with the patient after they leave the office, in hopes that we make their Corridor Dental experience that much better.

The Iowa Department of Revenue only has 8 people answering phones…I have more fingers than that… One day I called only to find out my wait time was 1 hour and 37 minutes. I hung up.

Joining the Chamber of Commerce is a must. The Iowa City Area Chamber of Commerce does an amazing job bringing local businesses together. I am impressed by the members who are truly interested and invested in your business as much as you are. I can’t thank them enough for planning a successful ribbon cutting and for providing several opportunities for networking and education.

People still read the newspaper, regardless of what you think. I know this because recently we were featured in the Cedar Rapids Gazette. Read the article, written by Deb Neyens, here. Not long after, we received calls from all over the Corridor of those who had read the article and were interested in our dental philosophy.

Having a dental practice, I think,  is a lot like having a baby. They tell you the days are long, but the years are short. Cheers to new beginnings.

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