At Corridor Dental, we want to show you what the future of dentistry looks like. Dr. Kriegel is dedicated to pursuing continuing education courses, learning about the latest innovations and advancements in dental techniques and technologies. If there’s a tool that can help us provide better diagnostics, more precise treatment plans, and more comfortable, less invasive procedures, you can rest assured we have or will invest in it.


CBCT stands for cone beam computed tomography. What the heck does that mean? Basically, it’s an x-ray machine with super powers. Even Superman himself can’t see what we can see with our CBCT machine. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… CBCT at Corridor Dental!

While our CBCT machine helps us in many areas of treatment planning, what we use it most often for is treatment planning for implant dentistry. Simply put, it’s impossible to gain the same level of insight and information with standard 2D x-rays.

Benefits of CBCT dentistry

Traditional dental x-rays only show us a 2-dimensional view of your teeth and jawbones. CBCT scans give us an entirely new dimension (3D) and allow us to view teeth, bones, soft tissues, and nerve pathways in a single scan.

  • CBCT technology helps us provide more precise dental implant treatments.
  • Images are used to create surgical stents for guided implant placement.
  • Greater precision means we get things just right the first time.

3D Imaging

If you ever had braces, or any restorative dental work, you probably remember sitting with a mouth full of putty to have impressions taken, trying your hardest not to gag, (and probably drooling a little). Cute, right?​

Thankfully, at Corridor Dental, you never have to go through this experience again. Our impressions have gone digital! 3D imaging allows us to use a small, pen-shaped device to take quick and easy digital scans, providing the impressions we need to create your custom treatment plan.

Do I need 3D imaging?

If you need any restorative work or orthodontics, the first place we will start is 3D imaging. After we’ve taken the scans, the images will be input into our computer software to help us map out your perfect restoration, or your orthodontic plan to improve your smile.

  • No need to worry about holding still with goop in your mouth.
  • If you have a strong gag reflex, 3D imaging will be much more pleasant than traditional physical impressions.
  • 3D imaging ensures a higher level of accuracy in our treatment plans, so we can get things right for you the first time.

Air Abrasion

One of the most unpleasant feelings associated with dentistry, especially for patients with any level of dental fear or anxiety, is that of the sharp scraping tools and the dental drill. At Corridor Dental, we can use air abrasion to achieve the same results!

Air abrasion works like a tiny sandblaster, using a small but powerful stream of air and fine particles to remove stains, tartar buildup, and tooth decay. Air abrasion is less invasive and more conservative than the drill, allowing us to maintain more of your healthy tooth structure.

Is air abrasion safe?

Yes, most definitely! The particles used in the air abrasion process include a mix of silica, aluminum oxide, or a baking soda mixture, propelled by compressed air or gas. We always follow the necessary precautions to ensure your safety and comfort.

  • Particles are quickly suctioned away through a tube in the device.
  • Protective eyewear is worn to ensure no particles get into your eyes.
  • A rubber dam is also used to prevent any particles from entering your throat or airway.

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays have been one of the greatest advancements in medical and dental technology in recent decades. While we do feel nostalgic for the old darkroom and film development process, digital x-rays are safer, more accurate, and infinitely more convenient!

Digital x-rays can be taken in a matter of seconds right from the dental chair, so there’s no need to get up, go into an x-ray room, and hold perfectly still for several minutes. And the images can be viewed almost instantly right on the screen next to you.

Let’s talk radiation

We understand the concern around radiation produced by dental x-rays, but digital x-rays reduce your exposure to radiation by up to 90%. We take every precaution to ensure the safety of both our patients and our team.

  • If you are pregnant, planning on getting pregnant, or nursing, please let us know so we can make necessary precautions, or postpone x-ray imagine.
  • We only recommend x-rays when they are necessary, depending on your oral health, risk factors, and treatment needs.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras are another of our favorite pieces of dental diagnostic technology. Rather than looking below the surface at your tooth roots and bones like x-rays and CBCT scans, intraoral cameras give us a better look at the surfaces of your mouth.

A huge step up from the magic of sight and a dental mirror to peer around corners, intraoral cameras allow us—and you!—to view real-time video images, significantly magnified for a more thorough exam. Intraoral cameras allow us to detect disease and decay sooner, before problems progress.

Letting you see what we see

When your dentist sees an area of decay, signs of gum disease, or a soft tissue abnormality that may be a sign of oral cancer, it can be hard to take their word for it without being able to see it for yourself. Never fear, intraoral cameras are here to shed light on your oral health!

  • Intraoral cameras help us on our mission to educate our patients about their oral health.
  • You can feel more confident that you understand any oral health problems.
  • Looking at the images together, we can create a treatment plan that you understand and feel comfortable with.

Painless Injections

We understand the worst part of any dental treatment is often the injection! We don’t like getting shots any more than you do, so we do everything we can to ensure your time with us is as painless as possible, including the use of a topical anesthetic to numb the area before the injection.

Topical anesthetic works by blocking nerve conduction near the site of administration by targeting free nerve endings in the skin, effectively eliminating any sensations in the area. This effect is reversible, wearing off over time.

Your comfort is our top priority

Aside from painless injections, there are many ways we go above and beyond to ensure your time with us feels more like a day at the spa than a trip to the dentist. If there’s anything else you need to feel more comfortable, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

  • We have TVs above every chair with noise-cancelling headphones.
  • You can watch your favorite show or movie, or listen to music while getting your work done.
  • We’re here to take your dental experiences from painful to pleasant!

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