Something you may not know about me is that I am passionate about bringing the most advanced (and well studied) therapies to Vios Dental. If it’s going to significantly help you heal and optimize your health, I’m here for it!

The latest therapy to join the line up is our new IV Laser. This is an innovative approach revolutionizing the landscape of dental surgery and health optimization. The IV Laser harnesses the power of distinct colors, each carefully selected to serve a unique purpose. Just as Low Level Laser Therapy (our ATP38 light) taps into the body’s natural processes, IV Laser Therapy delves even deeper, acting on a cellular level to ignite unparalleled rejuvenation and healing. With each color targeting specific cellular mechanisms, IV Laser Therapy promises to redefine the boundaries of regenerative intervention, offering rejuvenation and restoration. Check out what the different colored wavelengths can do…

The red wavelength stands out for its significant physiological impact. By targeting the Cytochrome-C-Oxidase enzyme within the respiratory chain, red light stimulates ATP production, enhancing cellular energy levels and cardiovascular performance. Additionally, its influence extends to neuronal functions within the central nervous system and fortifies immune defenses by supporting specific immune cells. Notably, red light is absorbed by leucocytes while being reflected  by erythrocytes, highlighting its selective cellular interactions and therapeutic potential in cellular repair and immune modulation.

The blue wavelength commands attention for its multifaceted physiological effects. Upon introduction into the bloodstream, blue light swiftly interacts with porphyrins and hemoglobin, facilitating essential processes within the body. Notably, it enhances microcirculation and oxygen perfusion by augmenting nitric oxide (NO) production, thereby fostering cellular vitality and metabolic efficiency. Additionally, its capacity to increase nitric oxide further underscores its role in optimizing oxygen delivery and utilization. Moreover, blue light exerts a remarkable influence on cellular longevity, activating telomerase and safeguarding telomeres, pivotal determinants of cellular lifespan and overall longevity. Blue light demonstrates potent bactericidal properties, operating through the stimulation of the respiratory chain at the NADH-dehydrogenase level, effectively neutralizing a broad spectrum of bacteria in the bloodstream by leveraging the absorption of bacterial porphyrins and the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). In essence, blue IV Laser Therapy emerges as a formidable ally in promoting circulatory health, cellular longevity, oxygen perfusion and delivery, and immune resilience, offering promising avenues for therapeutic intervention.

The green wavelength emerges as a compelling agent with distinct physiological effects. Upon introduction into the bloodstream, green laser light exhibits a unique interaction with erythrocytes, being readily absorbed and consequently not visible when observed through the vein. This absorption is followed by a series of pivotal events: green light binds to hemoglobin, enhancing oxygen supply by dissociating adhesive hemoglobin from vessel walls. Moreover, it stimulates the sodium-potassium-ATPase of erythrocyte membranes and activates mitochondria, particularly through the cytochrome-c-reductase at complex III. This dual action culminates in a significant increase in oxygen uptake. Green light augments ATP production by approximately 30%, underscoring its role in bolstering cellular energy reserves and metabolic efficiency. In essence, green IV Laser Therapy represents a potent modality for optimizing oxygen delivery, enhancing cellular vitality, and promoting metabolic homeostasis, offering promising avenues for therapeutic advancement.

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