Is your name Brooke? Chances are probably not…but this is her new 3D printed surgical guide. Surgical guides are one of the greatest advancements of newer technology in dental implantology. Computer-guided surgery has revolutionized all types of surgery, from knee and hip replacements, to cardiovascular surgery, and dental implantology.

Using specialized software, a dental implant surgical guide is created by meshing 3D scans of the desired future implant site with impressions of the patient’s mouth in addition to further data gathering. The surgical guide can then be created and 3D printed based on the best possible implant to use for the specific case, best possible location for the implant, and best possible placement for the desired restoration.

The surgical guide is then used by the doctor to accurately, and predictably, place the implant in the exact location it was planned in 3D for the best possible result. In addition, this allows for the surgery to be completed quicker, more efficiently, and with less pain, swelling, and recovery time for the patient.

Welcome to dental implantology of today!

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