A safe and effective way to keep cavities away – that’s the fluoride myth we’ve all been sold for decades. What if we told you that fluoride can affect neurological function (particularly in children), bone issues later in life and the calcification of the pineal gland (i.e. lowered decision making ability)?

aka…fluoride is NOT safe and effective like we have all been told for decades!

Fluoride is in way more places than we know, causing an increased burden on our systems and systemic health. As the floodgates have opened with increasing damning evidence rolling out, many are taking note and action against its prevalent usage. Read about the most recent fluoride lawsuit here!

NO thanks. Especially when there are better, safer, and more effective options that remineralize teeth, yet leave the toxic ingredients out.We realize that many of you have children, and those children are being seen by other dental professionals. It’s important to continue to advocate for them and remember that it’s okay to challenge the system (Lord knows we have). The first step for this is to educate yourself!

When you gain a thorough understanding of the subject by researching reputable sources, reading scientific studies, and learning from expert opinions on the benefits and risks of fluoride, it will help you develop an informed opinion and strengthen your advocacy efforts for you and your family.At Vios Dental, we believe in harnessing the power of nature to address common dental issues. To learn more about fluoride, the ongoing lawsuits against its usage, and educating yourself visit the Fluoride Action Network.

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