“Our mouths are incredibly important. They are step one in our ability to survive — enabling us to eat, drink, and breathe — and help form the foundation of expression and communication, allowing us to sing, say “hello,” smile, laugh, and cry.” (bristlehealth.com)

For so many, overall wellness and longevity are top of mind these days. Yet, often the most important component of complete health gets overlooked. Your mouth is literally the gateway into your body.

Did you know that certain bacteria in your mouth can be a strong indicator of serious diseases including but not limited to Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease, and unhealthy pregnancies?

In our clinic, we regularly see well meaning patients invest thousands trying to get to the root cause of their dis-ease, when they could have had greater clarity and overall better results if they would have started with their mouths.

When we start with the mouth, our patients:

  • Save on countless unnecessary costs
  • Take their time back
  • Avoid ineffective treatments and bad advice
  • Feel confident they’re doing what’s best
  • Jumpstart their health for good

Quantifying and qualifying the bacteria in your mouth is one of our standard first practices. We now offer the bristle oral microbiome test. This test can be done at a new patient or hygiene appointment (just ask!) or it can be ordered and sent directly to your home (use the code VIOS and this link for 10% off!).

It is about time dentistry is redefined…

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