Even the bravest patients get a little queasy at the thought of oral surgery, but we want you to know Dr. Kriegel has undergone extensive advanced training to provide oral surgery procedures, and has helped many patients regain health and confidence in their smiles. At Corridor Dental, we practice a highly conservative philosophy of dentistry, so we won’t recommend oral surgery unless it’s absolutely necessary. Sometimes it is, and that’s ok. We promise to take the best possible care of you, from treatment planning to the day of the procedure, to post-op and follow-up care.

  • Check out our dental implants page for information on how we can provide ceramic dental implant placement right here in-house.
  • Our advanced technology helps us create customized treatment plans and perform surgical procedures with precision accuracy.

Tooth Extractions

We know having a tooth extracted doesn’t sound like fun. Maybe you had your wisdom teeth removed as a young adult! Whether it’s your first rodeo or not, you should know we only recommend extractions when we have exhausted all other potential treatment options.

If you have deep decay or an infection that’s reached your inner tooth chamber, and it’s past the point of saving with a root canal (or a previous root canal has failed), we may recommend an extraction. We provide standard extractions in-house, but if you or your young adult need wisdom tooth extraction, we can refer you to a trusted oral surgeon in our network.

Do I need an extraction?

We hope not, but if you do, it’s best if you come see us right away so we can give you a thorough exam and get to the root of the problem (tooth pun intended). If you’re experiencing any of the signs and symptoms below, you should give us a call.

  • Signs of infection include toothache, swelling, redness, pus, bad breath or bad taste in the mouth.
  • You’ve had a root canal in the past, and now you’re experiencing problems with the affected tooth or surrounding tissues.
  • A badly broken tooth, or old dental work that has degraded or fallen out may require extraction if we can’t fix the tooth.
  • We use platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) for tooth extraction procedures.

Bone Grafting

Did you know that the health and density of your jawbone can be impacted by the health of your teeth and gums? It’s true, a healthy jawbone depends on healthy tooth roots and healthy gums, so if you’re suffering from missing teeth or gum disease, your jawbone could be deteriorating as we speak.

Once your jawbone deteriorates or atrophies, it can hinder your chance of being a good candidate for dental restorations like dental implants, and dentures will need to be realigned as the jawbone shrinks and changes shape. When the jawbone shrinks, your facial shape changes along with it, causing that sunken facial appearance you may have noticed in people with missing teeth.

We can restore your jawbone.

Thankfully, jawbone loss doesn’t have to be permanent! We can actually supplement your jawbone (using your own bone, or bone from a donor) to rebuild its strength and integrity, creating a healthier oral foundation, preserving your facial appearance, and making dental implants a possibility again!

  • Not a candidate for dental implants? Maybe you could be, after all!
  • Bone grafting can turn back the clock, rebuilding the foundation of your smile.
  • Prevent the sunken facial appearance that results from jawbone deterioration.

Learn more about all of our services here: www.viosdental.com

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